Our partners

Our partners

Foreign partners

We believe that the foundations for success and future prosperity of our company lie in close and mutually beneficial interaction with our partners. To prove that Lekorna offers a vast majority of cooperation models to meet your company's needs and requirements.

1. Products for end consumers.

Our company manufactures more than 20 kinds of wafer products which are represented in the biggest supermarket chains such as Auchan, Metro, Billa, Novus, Fozzy Group and ATB.

2. Products for confectionery industry.

We cooperate with 250 confectionery producers ranging from big-scale factories, well-known both in and outside Ukraine, to small workshops producing tasty home-made confectionery. We offer you 18 kinds of plain wafers which can further be turned into delicious pastries and cakes by the skilled hands of experts.

3. Products for ice-cream.

Currently we offer our partners 6 kinds of unflavored cones in various shapes and sizes and 5 kinds of sugared waffle cones with uneven edges.

4. HoReCa.

We offer a huge range of products for hotels, restaurants and cafes. For example, our sugar waffle bowls can be a perfect alternative to glass bowls and our crusty tartlets go perfectly with salads and snacks. Also you can choose among a variety of wafer cones, tubules and nutlets for ice-cream and desserts.

5. “Private label” option.

We can manufacture and provide our products under your company’s brand. Expand your brand with us on mutually favorable conditions.

6. Customized items and services.

Our production facilities allow us to offer our partners some additional services:

1) Edible souvenirs and logos for your company
2) Wafer products of any size and shape
3) Wafer cutting services

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