• Plain wafers – 1 pack
  • Egg-white4 pcs
  • Sugar – 120 g
  • Butter – 330 g
  • Fruits (strawberry, blueberry, apricot, red currant, kiwi fruit) – 600 g


  1. Slice the butter and let it melt
  2.  Mix egg-white with sugar and put on a water-bath, continue stirring until all sugar is completely melted
  3. Mix egg-white in a thick foam as for merengue
  4. Blend butter, the mass must became lighter 
  5. Mix blended butter and egg-white and continue blending. The cream will be liquid but it became thicken after
  6. Put the cream in a fridge on 30 min
  7. Spread the wafer sheets with a cream and decorate with fruits