• Plain wafers Classic– 1 pack
  • Butter – 300g
  • Eggs – 4 psc
  • Sugar powder – 200 g
  • Meringue – 200 g


  1. Mix 4 white of eggs in a stable foam, add portions of powdered sugar

  2. Blend melted butter. Add white eggs to it in small portions, whisk at low speed without stopping.

  3. Spread wafer sheets with the cream

  4. Cookies grind in a blender into crumbs. Crumb should be the same and small. Also, cookies can be grated on a very fine grater.

  5. Mix the crumbs with the remnants of cream or condensed milk to a thick paste. To make the paste more liquid, add some cream or milk. A thin layer, coat the sides and top cake. Place the cake on a platter or serving plate. Cut out paper snowflakes or Christmas trees, put on the surface of the cake, before sprinkle with powdered sugar. Then very carefully remove the figures.

    Bon appetit!